Our Mission

We're building a trusted network of professional caregivers who love what they do and are empowered to provide the best in-home healthcare in America.


With over 90 million Americans 65 years or older and 1 million children and adults who require close in-home care, the need for compassionate, capable caregiving grows by the day.



Our HIPAA-compliant interface provides you with relevant patient data, helping you make smarter decisions.


We combine technology with a genuine sense of concern for our clients and their families.


We take pride in how we treat our team members and we do so in order to create the best possible care and outcomes for our clients.

Setting New

SwiftShift is a thorough staffing solution. It’s where better patient and caregiver relationships begin.


Assaf Shalvi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

For more than 20 years, Assaf Shalvi has been helping hourly employees get better jobs while introducing new standards in high-performance employment services. He helped build a multimillion-dollar business for MAXIMUS (NYSE: MMS), delivering high-quality welfare and disability employment programs throughout Europe. He expedited the delivery of employment and training services for A4e. Drawing on this experience, in 2016 he co-founded Swift Shift in the United States.

Oren Ariel, Chief Technology Officer

Oren Ariel is an experienced entrepreneur and technology executive. Before SwiftShift, Oren served as CTO at Mercury (acquired by HP), GM of HP Labs, Israel and co-founder and CTO at Capriza. Oren has a passion for software architecture, security, and technology foundations for SaaS applications that he brings to the table at Swift Shift. He holds 4 patents in various Internet-related fields such as audio/video streaming, UI/UX, and SaaS.

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