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July 25, 2017

Five Reasons Mobile Is Transforming Home Healthcare

Here are the top five reasons home healthcare leaders like BAYADA, Aveanna, Interim, and Senior Helpers are turning to Swift Shift to meet their employees’ mobile scheduling expectations.

1. Mobile workers expect mobile applications

The assumption that home healthcare nursing, habilitation, therapy, and hospice clinicians are reticent to adopt mobile technology is long gone.  Whether it is using Google Maps to plan travel or simply texting friends and family, smartphones are part of their daily lives. This change in personal behavior extends to their work-life as well.  Today, your field staff expects to be given a mobile application to manage their daily work schedule.  Meeting this expectation requires home healthcare providers to adopt a mobile scheduling application that is HIPAA-compliant and as instinctive to use as the consumer mobile applications their clinicians use in their personal lives.

2. CSMs & Schedulers use mobile scheduling to save time

Mobile scheduling software may sound like it is only focused on your field staff.  However, that isn’t the case. Your office staff spends countless hours calling staff to cover shifts, often on short notice.  On average, CSMs and Schedulers are saving two hours each day by using Swift Shift to eliminate the back-and-forth calling, emailing, and texting that wastes time and reduces their job satisfaction.

3. Client satisfaction increases as mobile scheduling is adopted

Your clients’ needs are urgent to them. They often don’t have the flexibility to work around your staffs’ schedules.  Being able to ensure you have the right RN, LPN, CNA, or Home Health Aid arrive on time drives client happiness.  Happy clients are the bread and butter for your agency – not only are they paying the bills today, but their support in referring new customers to you is invaluable.

4. Profitability is driving the boom in mobile scheduling

Missed hours caused by last-minute callouts or the inability to cover shifts quickly lowers client satisfaction.  These cause direct hits on the profitability of your business. Mobile scheduling software gives you the ability to quickly send shift re- quests to your available staff and cover hours instantly.

5. Mobile scheduling improves staff retention

The natural flexibility of the home healthcare industry means that your team is often hustling to make sure they have scheduled enough hours to earn a living.  Giving them the power to view available shifts in real-time through mobile scheduling software allows for greater control over their earning potential. Engaged and happy staff provide a higher level of service and spend less time seeking alternative employment.