Ricoh creates value through unparalleled service and reliability

Ricoh invests in its human capital to ensure that each operator of a mail room, reception or technician is providing a level of service that is in line with the Ricoh brand.

With fierce competition in the market form other large players, Ricoh wishes to differentiate itself by providing the best service to customers.

Deploying support in real time

To ensure that clients receive quality services Ricoh has set up a backup team that is used to cover absence in different sites, and to reduce the use of staffing agencies.

However the management of the back up team and the daily tasks of moving resources around locations to cover for sickness or absence was time consuming and inefficient. In addition, Ricoh, employs full-time resources in this backup team, limiting the flexibility they need to meet client’s needs.

Temporary agency workers are used to fill gaps where Ricoh site support staff are unable to cover. The cost of temporary agency workers is just one dimension for the business. Providing a higher level of service then competitors is mission critical. Temporary agency workers simply can’t provide the same level of service as Ricoh trained employees.

Ricoh looked for a simple solution that can quickly connect an available Ricoh trained employee with an understaffed shift, providing each site manager with the ability to communicate cover directly to available resources and reducing the load on the central coordinator.

Optimise site support staff to maximise return to clients 

Ricoh chose to implement SWIFT SHIFT Scheduler® and Instant Cover® solutions. Combined – the 2 modules allow Ricoh employees to manage their holiday requests and update their availability, receive last-minute open shifts to their mobile application and apply instantly. It allows site managers to put in requests for cover and the coordinator to create a weekly work schedule in a click of a button, taking into account holiday, site requirements and employee availability and skills.

With SWIFT SHIFT Ricoh has reduced their time spend on coordination by 50%, agency use to almost zero and their client feedback on service has improved significantly.


“We looked for a way to always provide a Ricoh service level even when things go wrong”