Video: New Look & Swift Shift Instant Cover App

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New Look connects 15,000 strong workforce to meet customer demand

SWIFT SHIFT’s Instant Cover system tapped into an underutilised resource inside New Look. The sheer number of employees working, passionately, for the company. Managers instantly identified value in the system, as their employees, use SMS to communicate in general. Their core staff were primed and ready to use SMS to cover shift gaps.

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Workforce Management Apps and BYOD in 2015

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Bring your own device

Whenever we transition into a new year all the lists come out of what the previous year looked like and what to expect from the next. I typically gloss over most of this, although there are always a few lists that are amusing to read. However this year, I found myself the same themes catching my eye. This concept of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. The tech gurus are saying 2015 is going to see a sharp rise in workers being asked by their employers to use their own personal devices as opposed to supplying a phone or tablet for work use.

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