Clamp Down Agency Fee

NHS wants to cut their agency costs, but is it that easy?

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There is far too much money being spent on agencies and last year twice the amount what had been originally planned was spent a total of £3.3b an increase of over £800m. This cost comes largely due to shifts that require cover for either absence or staff shortages. It’s easy to see how the massive £3.3b bill is accumulated when a shift covered by an agency nurse can cost £2,200!

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5 Keys to Success with Swift Shift

5 Ways to Make Swift Shift a Success!

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We now have hundreds of managers, thousands of staff, and thousands of shifts going through Swift Shift. We figured, no better way to help our clients win than to share what others are doing and finding successful. When we asked from some feedback and advice we can share, we were overwhelmed by the response!

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