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5 Reasons Why Health Home Health Agencies Benefit From Mobile Scheduling Software

Your home health care staff spends most of their time in the field either traveling or in your client’s homes. The very nature of this constant back-and-forth makes it difficult to stay on top of coordinating and communicating with staff effectively. Mobile scheduling software is a great way to make your life, your staff’s life, and your client’s life even easier!
Using mobile technology for your Home Health business has a few advantages:

1. Always in your pocket

Mobile devices, cell phones or tablets, go everywhere your field staff go. Their entire life revolves around the benefits their devices give them. Whether it is using Google maps to route their travel or texting to stay in touch with friends and family. This is the way your staff are operating. A simple solution to streamline their work is to provide them with mobile scheduling software that gives them access to work opportunities and business communication anywhere they go.

2. Cover more hours, more profitable business

Missed hours caused by last-minute callouts or the inability to find cover quickly lower client satisfaction. These cause direct hits on the profitability of your business. Mobile scheduling software gives you the ability to quickly send shift requests to your available staff and cover hours instantly.

3. Improve client satisfaction

Your clients needs are urgent to them. They often don’t have the flexibility to work around your staff’s schedules. Being able to ensure you have the right RN, LPN, CNA, or Home Health Aide arrive on time drives client happiness. Happy clients are the bread and butter for your agency – not only are they paying the bills today, but their support in referring new clients to you is invaluable.

4. Engaged staff

The natural flexibility of the Home Health business means that your staff are always hustling to make sure they have scheduled enough hours to earn a living. Giving your staff the power to view available shifts in real-time through mobile scheduling software allows them greater control over their earning potential. Engaged and happy staff provide a higher level of service, meaning you also increase the happiness for your clients.

5. Happier office staff

Mobile scheduling software may sound like it is only focused on your field staff. However, that isn’t the case. Your office staff spend countless hours calling through staff to try and find cover, often short notice. This is a draining and time consuming activity. Giving your office staff access to a simple tool also provides them with peace of mind and more time to focus on other tasks.

Mobile apps are here to stay – are you taking advantage of this technology?

People are simply becoming more connected than ever before. Your staff (both office and field based) crave a different way to engage and communicate. The hard work of putting devices and apps in their hands has already been done. There’s no reason not to take advantage of the biggest shift in human communication since the launch of the internet.

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