How to Save Time and Boost Employee Satisfaction When Creating Your Shift Schedule

By February 24, 2016Healthcare, Workforce
Shift Schedule

It’s common practice in most industries for managers and supervisors to devise employee schedules. These managers usually try to consider factors such as requested vacation time, but they retain ownership of where and when employees work. Such ownership does not always need to be the case, or even the case most of the time. One prime example is home health, an industry that is becoming ever more critical and popular. In 2013, two of the challenges facing the industry were finding qualified staff and keeping them. This remains true today. However, you can save time, boost employee satisfaction and increase retention by simply giving employees ownership of their own schedules.

The Perfect Shift Schedule

In a perfect world, home health employees would never get sick, or if they did need to miss work, covering their shifts would be a breeze. In reality, home health owners, operational managers and coordinators spend a minimum of one hour per per missed shift trying to find cover, and two hours per week coordinating employee availability and vacation requests. In addition, 80 percent of employees calling in sick only give one-hour notice.

So, what’s the perfect shift schedule? In a nutshell, it’s one in which the home health employees themselves are empowered to create their shifts and to manage their scheduling conflicts.

Swift Shift Drives Effectiveness

Swift Shift is an app for real-time workforce management. You and others can use it on a computer, tablet or smartphone, whether it is Android, Windows or Apple. It results in 80 percent less time spent trying to cover shifts, which creates more time for managers and employees to be productive. Features include:

  • Employees’ ability to apply for open shifts anytime
  • Automated contacts through text, email and other means when shift coverage is needed
  • Real-time analytics
  • Employee profiles

Swift Shift is poised to revolutionize the concept of a shift schedule, as previously missed visits get covered without managers using countless hours to find available staff. Just as importantly, Swift Shift gives employees control and ownership of their work. They can pick up an extra shift, and when they’re sick, no longer need to worry about being a burden that their clients won’t receive great care. It’s a win-win-win: for managers, employees and patients.


About the Author:
Derek Frer is the Customer Development Director for Swift Shift a workforce management software company based in London. If you would like to receive blog posts to your email sign up here or follow him on twitter.