Engage in Effective Communication with Your Staff

By September 16, 2015Healthcare, Workforce
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Engage in Effective Communication with Your Staff

Traditional methods of communication within a company, such as emails or phones calls, are no longer effective. Employees are bombarded with emails on a daily basis which leaves important or last-minute messages overlooked or opened later than intended. Phone calls are expensive, time consuming and can be inconvenient. With the rapid growth of the smartphone market, more companies are starting to use mobile apps as a communication tool. As an employer, you can use mobile apps to customize messages, send direct messages, effectively communicate with shift workers and improve interaction.

Customized Communication

Technology similar to customer loyalty programs is used by mobile app developers, allowing you to customize messages according to a specific set of demographics. You can set the discussion groups based on employees that are part of a project, or employees that have shown an interest in a specific program or company benefit. This makes it easy for you to communicate with groups of people, instead of having to email, text or call each one.

Send Messages to the Right Person at the Right Time

Companies need to communicate effectively with shift workers, employees on flex hours and employees in remote locations. By using mobile apps you can send important messages to the right people at the right time, thereby ensuring that the messages are read and acted upon. For instance, sending an important message to shift workers that they receive at the start of a shift is a straightforward process when using mobile apps.

Direct Communication

One of the key benefits of using mobile apps is the ability to communicate directly with an individual employee, or a group of employees. You no longer have to hope that someone will see and open an email or go to a website in order to read a message. Employees simply tap the app notification to gain access to the information.

Focusing Communication

The beauty of mobile app communication is the real-time feedback you receive. You can assess the response to messages and can use the information to improve the communication strategy and processes. With mobile applications, you can adapt and focus communication, thereby greatly improving effectiveness.

Improving Response and Interaction

It can be difficult to assess the effectiveness of a message when using traditional methods of communication; however, with a mobile app, response rates are greatly improved and you receive feedback. This allows you to gauge whether a more detailed follow-up message is required or not.

The cornerstone of any successful business is communication. Mobile apps offer you a host of benefits such as instant communication and response, scheduled messaging, instant feedback and savings on communication costs. Companies need to focus on effective communication if they want to be market leaders.