How Lost Labor Hurts Your Home Care Business

By August 3, 2015Healthcare, Workforce

When you are managing a home health care business, finding a solution whenever a caretaker is not able to cover a scheduled shift is essential. Failing to send someone to care for a client who is ill or disabled can be detrimental to the business; not only will your company’s reputation take a hit, but the safety of your client may be compromised. Workforce management apps help you organize labor to ensure that backup coverage is available in the case that a worker leaves an open shift.

The Dangers of Lost Labor for Home Health Care Businesses

Aging Care underscores the possibilities if a caretaker does not arrive for a schedule shift by relating a story of a client who had to care for her elderly aunt during the holidays because of a scheduling error at the home health care agency. Clients who are considering in-home care are understandably concerned about what happens when an employee fails to show up for a scheduled shift. The question of reliability is a major factor in the decision to hire a particular home health care provider.

If your company has a reputation for failing to cover shifts, you will notice a marked decline in business. When it comes to healthcare, reliability is essential. Clients who miss medications or are left to care for themselves when they are unable to do so may suffer health complications or injury. When this happens, your business is open to liability for any harm suffered by a client who was supposed to be under the care of one of your employees.

How Workforce Management Apps Reduce Lost Labor Problems

The key to ensuring your clients will receive the care they deserve is to find a way to cover shifts as soon as an open shift is uncovered. Workforce management apps work to organize your pool of available workers and help you navigate to those who are most likely to cover the shift.

Employees calling off at the last minute can leave your clients without the home health care they need. Your reputation suffers, business will be lost and your client may even face health complications or an injury. Mobile workforce management software lets you cover a shift quickly to ensure that all of your clients are never left without the care they deserve.

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